Start Racing

So you want to start Racing? The best thing you can do from here is turn up to an event as a spectator, have a look around and ask lots of questions. You will find people are very friendly and helpful. If they can't help they waill at least point you in the right direction. This step can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

There are four basic items you must satisfy (I promise this is easy).


A CAMS (Commission of Australian Motorsport) Level 2S License or greater is required. Go to CAMS website, fill out form and pay by credit card. If you have a medical condition you may be required to complete a medical examination but most won't need to.

You will also need a membership to a car club affilliated with VCAS. There is a list of these on this website but really it is easier to just join the club hosting your first event on the day.


The most common options for a vehicle to begin with are your road car (not recommended for a car you love but does have the advantage of being able to drive it to the track) or an older unwanted car, this is the most common choice to begin with. From time to time you will see used autocross cars for sale on our website. Whilst the car does not need to undergo a RWC it will be scrutineered at each event so it must be in good working order.

Production cars do not require a roll cage, Harness or Racing seat however they are all highly recommended. They do require:

  • Mudflaps on rear wheels for RWD, Mudflaps on all wheels for FWD cars.
  • Safely mounted fire extinguisher within reach of driver.
  • Blue Triangle to indicate position of battery (Blue insulation tape will do at start)
  • Secondary bonnet restraint. This can either be bonnet pins are a secondary strap through the bonnet latch to the bumper.
  • Functioning Head and Tail lights for twilight events. Whilst you do not require driving lights for twilight events they do make life a lot easier.


  • Long pants and Sleeves.
  • Helmet made to Australian standards in good order
  • Enclosed Shoes

Entry into your first event.

Go to Events page on this site, entry forms are the last two pages of the Supplementary Regulations (Supp Regs) for each events. Once available, supp regs will be posted under each event on this page. The supp regs detail everything specific to each events such as time, place, who to send your entry to, who ring if you have any queries and any additional requirements or information. Fill out the form and send it to the event secretary along with your cheque or money order.

If you are unsure which class your car should be entered fill in the rest of the vehicle details and a class will be allocated to you.

Now, turn up and enjoy yourself.