Round 04- 2014

Entries NOW at 64 Wed Night and still climbing.... READ MORE FOR THE FULL ENTRY LIST!

Clive Hussey BMW E21 Coupe P
Barry Nowell Buggy S
Martin Grigg Buggy S
Peter Canning Datsun 1600 ?
Paul Gladman Fod Laser TX3 P
Alan Friend Ford Escort ?
Andrew Friend Ford Escort J
Damian Faulkner Ford Laser TX3 4WD W
Bobby Tuit Gemini C
Linda Fortune Gemini L
Dale Jackson Holden Commodore E
Bryan Raine Holden Torana E
Phillip Raine Holden Torana E
Junn Choi Hyundai Excel C
Arron Windus Legacy W
Darren Windus Legacy W
Jamie Sargeant Legacy W
Colin Mann Mazda 323 C
Reg Johnson Mitsubishi Galant S
Dean Allan Mitsubishi Lancer C
Jamie Allan Mitsubishi Lancer C
David Kelly Morris Cooper S C
Luke Semmens Nissan 200SX E
Mick Bermingham Nissan NX Coupe D
Robert Dekker Nissan Silvia B
Graham Pollard Peugeot 205GTi P
Ian Brain Peugeot 205GTi P
Alan Airey Renault Clio D
Nathan Airey Renault Clio J
Andrew Coon Seat Ibiza J
Daryl Coon Seat Ibiza D
Peter Sweeney Subaru Impreza W
Robert O'Neill Subaru Impreza W
Ben McKee Subaru Liberty W
Jarryd Sweeney Subaru Liberty W
Trejan Kontjonis Subaru Liberty W
Arron Secombe Subaru WRX W
James Stanford Subaru WRX W
Kate Meyer Subaru WRX L
Jeff Cleland Toyota Celica E
Brayden Hammond Toyota Corolla J
Chantelle Hammond Toyota Corolla J
Jim Hammond Toyota Corolla C
Evan Dekker Toyota Sprinter C
Henk Dekker Toyota Sprinter C
Gary Howard Toyota TA22 C
Chris Clark TSV 1000RR S
Gareth Clark TSV 1000RR S
Greg Smith Buggy S
Greg's Mate Buggy S
Ash Findlay Mazda 323 W
Damian Quirk Pulsar P
Mick Goossens Suzuki Swift Gti P
Simon Pilepich Suzuki Swift Gti C
Thuong Hoang Suzuki Swift Gti L
Matt Davies Escort D
Caleb Howard Buggy TSV S
Ross Murdoch Ford Fiesta J
Andrew Murdoch Ford Fiesta D
Brad Hall Subaru WRX W
Allen Cartledge VW Superbug E
David Shaw VW Superbug E
Dean Hubbert Ford Laser GL C
Tarnya Hubbert Ford Laser GL L


Thats 64 and climbing!!

Remember El Presidente is still looking for helpers!!



BLCC have released draft regs for the upcomming event as they have taken longer than expected to prepare.

The final regs will be posted once approved, but no amendments are expected.

Email an EFT are available and camping will be allowed on the night so make a night of it!

Hot off the press just back from CAMS. get on it!!!

Event Date: 
Saturday, 10 May, 2014