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Autocross in Australia is defined by CAMS as a speed event on dirt and less than 2km in length. We compete with only the driver in the car and the track is defined by tyres, trees, banks or tape. Road cars can compete and there are 2 classes for road vehicles. Cars do not require roll over protection to compete, many cars however do have rollover protection for personal safety.

This autocross series brings together members of victorian car clubs to compete for class, outright and club championship awards. It is an excellent introduction to rallying and all events are contested on a dirt surface of less than 2km in length. Competitors need only be 14yrs of age to compete so it is also an excellent way to teach young drivers some extra car skills before hitting the road or getting involved in other motorsport disciplines.


This form of racing makes the perfect introduction to rallying, some events are twilight adding darkness makes the racing further interesting as lighting and knowing the track can start to come into play.

This is excellent family, club level racing.